Halyna Ovcharenko was born in Ukraine. After graduating in Composition, Theory and Ethnomusicology from the Kiev National Academy of Music, she continued her study of composition in Poland . In 2002 she received a Doctorate from the University of Bristol. She is a winner of National and International composers Competitions.... [Read More]


A winner of two international composers competitions, a winner of Ukrainian national choir work competition,an spnm short listed composer...[Read More]


Amongst her works are pieces for solo instruments, ensembles, choirs, chamber and symphony orchestras, music for theatre and documentary film. Her music was commissioned by ECO, BBC LSO, SNA and chamber music performers. Her two ballets The Last Battle (text C.S. Lewis) and Kupala’s Night (text Gogol) were performed at the Peacock Theatre, West End London... [Read More]


Halyna teaches piano, music theory and composition. Her piano instruction is of a rare command and perception of a kind arising from her training as a composer. Emphasis is placed on an 'orchestral' understanding of the score leading to an appreciation of all 'voices' in the piano texture...[Read More]